Poems by Divine Appointment

Poems by Divine Appointment

Dorothy Turner


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Poems by Divine Appointment are poems with purpose. They were written to inspire and to stir up your spirit. You will find some of these poems are quite long while others are very short. Nevertheless, each poem has a message that’s clear and get straight to the point leaving nothing to the imagination. These poems are power packed, and I hope every reader will experience the presence of God through reading these poems. Yes, Poems by Divine Appointment are mine, but they came from God’s creative mind. Now allow me to give you a little peek inside of the book with this poem.


What’s In the Sea

I’ve seen deep in the sea,

Things we are about to see.

There are a lot of things in the sea,

But it’s nothing that I can’t see.

Fishermen are on the sea

Trying to catch what they can’t see.

The birds of the air; the fish of the sea

Will make do with what they see.

Don’t be disturbed by what you see,

It’s just the beginning of what it’s going to be.

I’ve seen deep in the sea,

Trouble stirring in the sea.


Memphis, Tennessee

Will soon be nothing to see.

Things are stirring up in the sea,

Things you are about to see.

When I looked across the sea,

I saw things I didn’t want to see.

I’ve been fishing in the sea

To catch what the fishermen couldn’t see.

Who made the sea?

The one you cannot see.

I’ve seen deep in the sea,

Things that’s about to be.

Memphis, Tennessee

Is about to be nothing to see.


Dorothy Turner:

Dorothy Turner is a native of Georgia. She retired in 2009 with her focus on enjoying life and traveling. Lo and behold the Lord began tugging at her heart to write. Little did Dorothy know how the Spirit of the Lord would begin speaking in her spirit words to write in such a creative way as poetry. In the year 2016 Dorothy received a prophecy that God had put in her at the age of 27 to write poetry. This is the appointed time for this book. Poems by Divine Appointment are a divine plan of God..